Fair Frome & The Living Wage (not the higher national minimum wage for over 25s) 

Fair Frome & The Living Wage… There are many people in Frome who have jobs but there are also 46 families who needed food parcels from Fair Frome last month.  How can this be? The Living Wage Foundation has been campaigning for the implementation of a ‘Real’ Living Wage (currently £8.25 an hour for over […]

Living in Poverty: Fair Frome true case study published in the Frome Times 8th October 2015 

  Fair Frome Case Study 1 “Fair Frome exists to help the most disadvantaged individuals and families in the town. To many, Frome will appear to be a thriving place with low unemployment and a burgeoning cultural and social scene. However this masks a different reality for many people in the town who are unwaged […]