Access for All

Fair Frome’s Access For All Campaign has been busy since it’s initial public meeting in March 2017 when over 50 members of the public came together, to highlight access issues in Frome. A huge range of issues were collated, from the more obvious problems, such as a lack of dropped kerbs and ramps, to there being a need to consider those with a hidden disability such as hearing loss, visual impairment, autism etc.

A further Public meeting in June 2017, brought together people that wanted to work towards solutions for some of the issues raised.

Since then we have completed a Building Audit of the newly refurbished Frome Town Hall, with the invaluable input of the PACE Group, where we looked at all aspects of Public buildings, including entrances, lifts, reception area, room layout, signage etc.  A copy of the Building Audit findings is available. We have also raised awareness of issues, by doing interviews on local radio, and local press.

ADD, a charity based in Frome for many years, has wished to raise their profile in Frome and although their work is based overseas, many of the barriers faced by disabled people are common and Karen Stewart, Fair Frome Trustee recently attended their Open Event here in Frome and spoke about some of the issues raised.

Access For All are busy collating a guide for Shops, Cafes & Restaurants in Frome on how they can make small changes to make themselves more inclusive, we hope that this leaflet which offers practical advice and tips, will be available in ‘ Discover Frome’ shortly. We are also working on arranging Disability Training for all those in retail/service industry on a local level to improve the Customer experience for all those with disabilities.

If you would like to get in touch please contact [email protected]

We welcome new ideas and also volunteers to help work towards a positive change.