Fair Frome helps children receiving free school meals during lockdown

Fair Frome help for children on Free School Meals allows families to “Shop with Choice and Dignity”

Local charity Fair Frome its staff, volunteers and partners are working flat out during the Covid -19 crisis. Its main focus has been the food bank which has seen unprecedented three-fold increase in demand since the crisis began with the huge rise in the number of unemployed and furloughed workers and many zero hours/part time contracts ending. Many people who rely on the foodbank also have chronic health problems and are being forced to self-isolate putting added stress on many individuals and families. The charity has been stepping up its efforts and looking at imaginative ways to ensure they can reach those most in need. One of these is through local schools which all remain open not just to accommodate children of key workers but also to continue the invaluable outreach and pastoral work they do with many of the most vulnerable children and families in the town. 

Bob Ashford Fair Frome Chair of Trustees said:

It’s become obvious to us here at Fair Frome over the past few weeks that local schools are playing an invaluable role during the crisis in reaching out to children and families. The closure of schools and with it the closure of Breakfast Clubs and school based free schools’ meals has had a huge impact on families who are already struggling. We know that Head Teachers and staff are doing all they can to ensure that children get some provision of food through a combination of sandwiches/hampers and the Govt school vouchers. Fair Frome has helped through providing additional food supplies, redirecting fresh food to schools that want it and more targeted help through the food bank. We have now though also issued supermarket Store Cards and fruit and veg vouchers for SK Fruits to every First School, and Supermarket Store Cards to both Middle Schools and Frome College for all children on income related free school meals, totalling 750 children. These can be exchanged locally and allow families to shop with choice and dignity. The vouchers will be distributed through schools. We have only been able to do this with the help and generosity of local charities, businesses, Councils and individuals. We want to do everything we can to help those individuals and families who are being severely hit by this crisis and will continue to look for ways to do this.”

Emma Reynolds Principal of Frome College said:

“All our staff and students at Frome College want to thank Fair Frome for their care, compassion but also pragmatism during this difficult time. By providing shopping vouchers, our families will be able to choose the necessities they need for family life and to provide for children who would otherwise have received free school meals at college on a daily basis.

Fair Frome are at the heart of our community helping the most vulnerable families through this crisis: thank you for everything you are doing for Frome.”

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