Alongside our services and projects here at Fair Frome, we also manage a number of campaigns to help make Frome Fairer for all. If you would like to find out about one of our campaigns or are interested in setting up a new campaign, please contact us via our contact form.


‘Access For All’, is a campaign started by Fair Frome in 2017.

We are working to make changes within the town, our goal is to make as much of Frome as possible, ‘Accessible For All’. We are starting to have the important conversations that help to facilitate change. Already things are starting to happen, we now have a core of people working towards solutions.

Currently we are focused on

  • Highlighting the problems caused by vehicles parked across dropped kerbs.
  • Identifying where dropped Kerbs are needed, and then working with Somerset County Council to solve these issues.
  • Looking into a suitable aesthetic crossing solution for the stream in Cheap Street, to allow full access to the shops on both sides.
  • Implementing a ‘Building Audit’ for public buildings, which will involve all aspects of accessibility and disability awareness.
    Talking to venues about creating hearing friendly areas for people with hearing impairment.
  • Creating a logo for our Campaign to be used in awareness campaigns.

If you would like to be involved please contact

[email protected]

Fair Frome and the Living Wage (not the higher national minimum wage for over 25s)

There are many people in Frome who have jobs but 46 families need food parcels from Fair Frome every month to feed their families. How can this be?

The Living Wage Foundation has been campaigning for the implementation of a ‘Real’ Living Wage (see here for the current rate) since 2011. Unlike the recently announced ‘National’ Living Wage, the ‘Real’ Living Wage is calculated on the cost of living, working out what families need to survive. Unlike the government-driven Living Wage, it also covers the under 25s and is voluntary.

Fair Frome are working with the Living Wage Foundation to encourage and support businesses in Frome who are interested in accreditation with the Foundation. For more information please contact [email protected]