‘Access For All’, is a campaign started by Fair Frome this year.

We are working to make changes within the town, our goal is to make as much of Frome as possible, ‘Accessible For All’.

We have had two well attended public meetings and have been featured on local and County wide radio, as well as having regular features in the local paper, including the recent ‘Accessibility Challenge’ where we put Toby Elliott, Frome Town Councillor and last year’s Mayor into a wheelchair.

We then took him on a planned route through the town centre, King Street and Cheap Street ending up at the back of Iceland. This highlighted the challenges faced by those with mobility issues, wheelchair and buggy users, taking in narrow pavements, uneven surfaces, and a lack of dropped kerbs in the appropriate places. We were joined by Peter Wheelhouse (Economic Development and Regeneration Manager) from Frome Town Council who walked the route.

We are starting to have the important conversations that help to facilitate change.  Already things are starting to happen, we now have a core of people working towards solutions

Currently we are focused on:

Highlighting the problems caused by vehicles parked across dropped kerbs. 

Identifying where dropped Kerbs are needed, and then working with Somerset County Council to solve these issues.

Looking into a suitable aesthetic crossing solution for the stream in Cheap Street, to allow full access to the shops on both sides.

Implementing a ‘Building Audit’ for public buildings, which will involve all aspects of accessibility and disability awareness.

Talking to venues about creating hearing friendly areas for people with hearing impairment.

Creating a logo for our Campaign to be used in awareness campaigns.  

If you would like to be involved please contact: [email protected]