Food bank

Our Food Bank is open 3 days a week and supports community members in Frome and the surrounding BA11 area by providing emergency food parcels.

These parcels provide a recipient with enough food for up to six days alongside extras. We work alongside local partners and food initiatives in Frome and the South West to ensure we have access to a wide range of food and supplies to help support the Frome community.

Our food parcels are allocated through a referral scheme with the help of local support agencies such as Health professionals, local schools and Social and Job Support Services. To find out more about how to get a referral follow this link.

“Fair Frome are at the heart of our community, helping the most vulnerable families through crisis”

What does our food parcel contain?

We aim to provide a balanced and healthy emergency food parcel for all our clients, with a variety of fresh, seasonal produce and dairy. Alongside extra bread, butchers and fruit and vegetable vouchers.

Here at Fair Frome, we also include optional toiletries, cleaning products, extra store cupboard ingredients such as spices and sauces, alongside our standard parcels and fresh produce. We also adapt our parcels for specific dietary requirements such as dairy or gluten free or vegan. We also provide specific items for babies and children.

We use a standard store cupboard list of items to make each parcel and adjust this list depending on the number of recipients in each household.

The majority of food that makes up a food parcel is donated to us by local community members here in Frome who help us feed Frome.

Who we work with

We work with local supermarkets, food producers, community groups and food initiatives in Frome to help supply the food bank whilst working in the town to create a sustainable and inclusive food network. If you are interested in finding out more or you are a local food producer and would like to supply our food bank, please contact us via the contact form.