Community Pantry

The Fair Frome Community Pantry is the newest Fair Frome project, started in June 2023, aiming to support those experiencing food insecurity in our community whilst also reducing food waste and supporting local food producers.

The Fair Frome Pantry is open every  Tuesday from 2pm-4.30pm in the Elliott Building at the Frome Town Hall.

The Pantry is open to members only. To register as a member- complete the form at the bottom of the page.

What is a Community Pantry?

  • A Community Pantry is a membership community  project that provides members with access to reduced cost food options.
  • The terms ‘community pantry’ and ‘community supermarket’ are interchangeable and provide the same support
  • Members pay a small membership fee every time they visit the Pantry. This fee covers the cost of licenses and delivery costs.
  • Members will then have access to food from the Pantry including store cupboard items, fresh produce, refrigerated items and toiletries and household products.

Membership Details

There are two membership levels:

Level 1 membership, £3 per week – aimed at smaller households, typically you choose around 6 – 8 items items.

Level 2 membership, £5 per week – for that you can select approximately 10-12 items, so we’d recommend that if you’re shopping for more people.

You’ll be able to pay by cash, debit or credit card. This weekly fee covers chilled food, store cupboard foods, toiletries and household items. We provide free  fruit and vegetables, and some shorter dated items. This means the total value of your shopping will be around £15 – £18, but will only cost you £3 or £5. The selection of items changes each week based on what we receive in our delivery.

Who can access the Community Pantry?

The Fair Frome Community Pantry is open to everyone in Frome. You will have to apply to become a member and there is a waiting list.

Membership numbers are restricted due to capacity and supply issues. Members will have a membership for 6 months

To become a member and access the full benefits of our Pantry you need to:

  • complete our referral application form linked here
  • You will then need to pay a membership fee each time you access the Pantry. This will be either £3 or £5 per week.
  • Please note it is one membership per household

What will be available at the Pantry?

There will be a selection of store cupboard, fresh, chilled, toiletries and cleaning products available each week for you to choose from.

Our volunteers will be on hand to help you shop and let you know what we have available each week.

We will also sometimes have other local support agencies at the Fair Frome Pantry available to chat and help signpost to extra support. This signposting will cover employment and skills, financial and budgeting support, support for families with children, along with others.

How to become a member….

If you’d like to become a member of. our Fair Frome Community Pantry, you’ll need to fill in our self-referral form which you can find below.

If you’re a local referrer working with someone who is interested in the pantry you can also fill in this form on their behalf.

When we receive your completed form we’ll then be in contact to confirm your place. If you need help filling this in just let us know by emailing [email protected] or contact us on 07754088026 and we’ll be in touch.