Download the Bank the Food app to support us

The Free app changing the way you donate to food banks

We are excited to have joined the free Food Bank app BanktheFood.
This free app means that people can track the real time supply needs of the Fair Frome Food Bank making it easier for shoppers to donate the most needed items. At Fair Frome we decided it was time to get creative with our Food Bank call outs and joined the app in the hope it will boost donates- so far its working! Bank the Food App is run by a charity and is free to download. This fantastic app is free to use and not only sends users a notification via the app of what is needed most when they are out shopping but it also reduces food waste by showing users what is not needed at the Food Bank.

Fair Frome Coordinators Rosie Oakley said:

“We are desperate for food donations which can be dropped off at supermarkets and other venues across town or at the Fair Frome Centre behind the Town Hall. Our wonderful volunteers are working flat out to keep up with demand. Our current needs are soup, sauces for rice, custard, jam, rice, tinned vegetables and washing up liquid. We encourage people to download the app Bank the Food as it will not only help us increase donations to the Food Bank, but also help our donors buy the most needed items for the food bank”

To support Fair Frome, visit our Facebook Page, website or download the free ‘Bank the Food’ app from your app store.

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