Fair Frome has opened registration for the Community Pantry

Our latest project has opened for sign-up

Membership for this new project based at Fair Frome has opened. This project is aimed at supporting those who are experiencing food insecurity and struggling with food costs.

The new Community Pantry which is due to launch shortly will be a membership-based support project. Here, members will have access to food, signposting and wrap around support at a weekly session in the Elliott Building at the Frome Town Hall. Membership is restricted to one membership per household.

Unlike the food bank, where people must get a referral to access the service, households will be able to register themselves to become members. This low-cost membership of just £3 or £5 a week will mean that members can choose how much they can spend each week and will be able to choose items based on the tiered membership scheme.

Fair Frome Coordinator Rosie Oakley explained “The Fair Frome Community Pantry is a membership only service with members signing up to the scheme for 6 months. Once you register as a member, we will be in touch to confirm membership and a start date. We are excited to be launching this new project at Fair Frome and hope that the Pantry will be a great success”.

To find out more about The Fair Frome Community Pantry or to register visit or email: [email protected]

If you struggle with online forms, please contact the following number for assistance: 07754088026

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